The Central Okanagan Food Policy Council (COFPC) is a group of people who are working towards food security in the Central Okanagan. Membership is open to anyone who lives or works in Central Okanagan communities and beyond.

The COFPC board and membership represents the non-profit sector, health, business, and people with an interest supporting food security.

The COFPC table provides an opportunity for information and resource sharing, and a chance for people interested in food-related issues in the Central Okanagan’s to work together towards common goals.


A resilient food system that meets the needs of the Central Okanagan Community


To nurture a just and sustainable food system through policy, education, and food action

Long Term Goals

  1. To influence food policy at the municipal level
  2. To provide education to increase awareness of all aspects of the food system
  3. To support food action projects/initiatives through
    1. Coordination and development of up to one project at a time
    2. Consultation
    3. Connection