Getting a community project like the Good Food Box off the ground takes the support of community members and organizations. First came the financial support, then came the logistical support.  The Good Food Box Supporters include:


About a year ago, we first looked to those that could help provide some financial support to get this pilot project off the ground. We applied for several grants, and we were fortunate to be selected as recipients of a Central Okanagan Foundation project grant and a City of Kelowna Community Social Development grant. These funds have been used over the last year to do many things: research other Good Food Boxes in Canada and how they operate, do consultations with community groups about how to best design a Good Food Box program for our community, and finally to actually plan and implement this Good Food Box. More of our Good Food Box Supporters:


During the planning of the Good Food Box, we knew that we wanted to be as efficient as we could with our funding knowing that the Good Food Box is a pilot project. We not only wanted to test if a Good Food Box would work in the Central Okanagan, but also test our system. This meant working with other groups in town to help us test our plan. The Kelowna Salvation Army has been incredibly generous in allowing us to use the gymnasium and kitchen space at Sutherland Ave location as a place to assemble the Good Food Boxes. We have also been able to use some of their equipment including chairs and tables. How wonderful is that?!  We’ve also partnered with one of our original projects, the Okanagan Fruit Tree Project. They have been kind enough to allow us to use some of their equipment as well such as produce totes to try out of boxing system, and we are working together behind the scenes to share on the cost of website services and even our mailbox! It’s really great when small non-profits work together to share resources 🙂


If you are part of an organization that would like to work with us, please contact us!