Good Food Box for the Central Okanagan!

The Central Okanagan Food Policy Council has rolled up their sleeves to develop a Good Food Box in the Central Okanagan.  Good Food Boxes already exist in many communities across Canada – so we thought we would test one out here!  The pilot pick-up location is in Kelowna, and if it’s successful we will expand to many pick-up locations!

The Good Food Box provides community members a different way to purchase produce at a more affordable price.  This is possible because our boxes are lovingly packed by our volunteers in a space generously donated for us to use to pack our boxes. We then pass these savings on to you!  This increases access for more people in the community to purchase fruits and vegetables!

We focus on fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, and prioritize sourcing locally grown produce whenever possible.  We purchase only the highest quality produce and strive for variety in our boxes.

This pilot project is financially supported by the Central Okanagan Foundation and the City of Kelowna. The Kelowna Salvation Army has generously donated their space for our volunteers to make the boxes.  The pilot will run until August 31st, 2018. If it’s successful, we’ll keep it going!  Do you want to purchase healthy produce at an affordable price?  Then keep scrolling to find out how!

Available Good Food Boxes for Purchase


1. Two ways to order your box


Pre-order your box ONLINE no later than one week before box pick-up day. Simply choose which box day you would like to purchase, then pay for it using our convenient and secure online payment system with your credit card. You’ll receive a receipt via email.

In Person

Pre-order your box IN PERSON at our box pick-up location in Kelowna on days that we are having a box day. You may pay with cash, debit, or credit card.

2. Remember to pick up your box

Sometimes when you order something in advance, it’s easy to forget to pick up your order.  Our pilot pick-up location is in Kelowna, see below for more details.

Put a reminder on your calendar, in your smart phone, or write it on your arm – whatever system works for you!

Or better still, sign up to Good Food Box news updates, where you will receive information about what is in the box, helpful tips, and recipe ideas.

PLEASE NOTE: if you do not remember to pick up your box we cannot save it for you. Any unclaimed boxes of food will be donated to charity.

3. Bring a bag, box, or container

Visit us at the Kelowna Salvation Army at 1480 Sutherland Avenue or at 200 Rutland Road to pick up your produce. Please bring a bag, box, or container to transfer your produce into for you to take home.

Our box pick up times are every second Friday, from 2:00-6:00 pm.

Next pick up dates are:

  • Jan 4 (Rutland pick-up location only)
  • Jan 18
  • Feb 1
  • Feb 15
  • Mar 1
  • Mar 15
  • We will continue the box if enough people support the box!

Good Food Box

4. Enjoy your healthy purchase!

There are so many ways to eat and enjoy the food you have bought. We will do our best to share creative and delicious ways to use some of the items in your box.

To receive this information, and reminders to pick up your box, subscribe to the Good Food Box news updates!

So many reasons to buy a Good Food Box


We’ve done the planning for you! Our boxes were created by Registered Dietitians, who always have healthy eating in mind!


We focus on fresh, in season fruits and vegetables. We support local producers whenever possible.


We purchase our fruits and vegetables in bulk and pass off the savings to you. Now you can stretch your food dollar further!


Who can purchase a Good Food Box?


If you like fruits and vegetables, are trying to eat more of them, are looking for a great deal, and want to support a local non-profit in their mission to increase commuity food security, then this box is for you!

How do I order my box?

There are two ways to order a box:

  1. The easiest way is to order online with your credit card. Once you purchase your box, you’ll be emailed a receipt.
  2. If you don’t have a credit card, you may pay for your box with a debit card or cash before the end of each order deadline. Simply visit us at our pick-up location, pay for your box, and you’ll be able to pick it up at the next box pick-up time.
How often,when, and where do I pick up my box?

To start, the Good Food Box will be available every 2 weeks on Fridays, starting June 8th, 2018.

Pick-up day is Friday from 2:00-6:00pm. 

Pick-up location is at the Salvation Army, 1480 Sutherland Avenue.


Every time you order a box, you will get information about box pickup date and time.

What if I can't make the pick-up time?

You can send a family member or friend to pick your box up for you.

The box must be picked up within the pick-up time. If it is not, any unclaimed boxes will be donated to charity.

Can I change any items in my box?

We cannot accommodate special requests at this time. We do our best to keep our prices low. We are able to do this because we select the produce that goes into each box with a focus on purchasing whatever is in season and as local as possible.

At the pickup location, we will have a “trade box” where you may leave any items you do not like, do not want, or are allergic to and trade for another item you want instead.

Do you deliver?

No, we do not deliver at this point, but we are exploring offering delivery service in the future for an additional price.

Is your produce locally sourced?

We source local whenever possible. It depends on the time of year and pricing. We do our best to source produce that is seasonal, local, and un-sprayed at the best price possible.

Some produce items are impossible to source locally, such as bananas and oranges. We offer these items because they are affordable and provide variety to you!

Is your produce organic?

Sometimes. It depends on the time of year and pricing. We do our best to source produce that is seasonal, local, and unsprayed at the best price possible. If the price is right, we buy unsprayed and sometimes certified organic produce.

How do you decide what and how much goes in each box?

We are so lucky to have a few Registered Dietitians volunteering with the Central Okanagan Food Policy Council. They have done their best to help design boxes that have nutrient variety and have enough portions to meet the recommendations in Healthy Eating with Canada’s Food Guide.

Interested in volunteering?

Want to take part in a fun and rewarding volunteer experience? Send us an email and our coordinator will get back to you about volunteer opportunities! Contact us:

Calling local producers!

Are you interested in growing produce for our Good Food Boxes? We pay fair value for your produce. Contact us:

A huge THANK YOU to those that are supporting this pilot project!

Central Okanagan Food Policy Council

PO Box 22001

Kelowna, BC

V1Y 9N9