Good Food Box supporters – we love ’em!

Getting a community project like the Good Food Box off the ground takes the support of community members and organizations. First came the financial support, then came the logistical support.  The Good Food Box Supporters include:                                      ...

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Why do we need a Good Food Box?

So what’s the deal with this Good Food Box?  Why do we need a Good Food Box? Why is the Central Okanagan Food Policy Council trying one out in the Central Okanagan?  We’re glad you asked! First, let’s go over what a Good Food Box is.  Good Food Box program run all...

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Temporary Farm Worker Housing

Over the past year, the Central Okanagan Food Policy Council has had to opportunity to provide input on local government temporary farm worker housing regulation.  Last year, we submitted letters to the City of Kelowna and the Regional District of the Central...

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City of Kelowna Agriculture Plan

In 2017, the City of Kelowna recently went through the process of updating their agriculture plan, and it was endorsed by City Council summer 2017. Agriculture is very important for the City of Kelowna, 55% of the land base in Kelowna is zoned for agriculture use! ...

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Join The COFPC Board!

The Central Okanagan Food Policy Council is looking for board members to join our team! The COFPC’s AGM is coming up on December 7, 2017, and there is opportunity to join our board!  While we welcome new board members at any time, the AGM is a good time to learn about...

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Animal, Vegetable, M(Ozzarella)

Barbara Kingsolver is a fabulous writer AND she has remarkable food skills.  Quite the combo.  On any given day I either want to celebrate Barbara by throwing a party in her favour or I want to push her down the stairs.  I guess it all depends on how I’m feeling about...

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To Bee Or Not To Bee In Kelowna B.C.

In recent years many cities and towns in B.C. have adopted bylaws to allow for backyard beekeeping.  You can sample these bylaws on-line by typing into your search engine “Beekeeping Bylaw for [City of New Westminster or insert municipality of your choice].”  These...

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