Central Okanagan Food Policy Council is seeking community partnerships

Good Food Box for the Central Okanagan


We have exciting news! The Central Okanagan Food Policy Council (COFPC) is developing a Good Food Box program for the Central Okanagan area.  To ensure the success of this project, we are  looking for community agencies, businesses and others to partner with. Preliminary planning is underway with an anticipated pilot of the Good Food Box in early 2018. Launch is highly dependent on securing a location for Good Food Box operation. Funding for this pilot project is supported through the Central Okanagan Foundation and the City of Kelowna’s Community Social Development program.

What is a Good Food Box?

A Good Food Box is a volunteer run, bulk produce purchasing program that supports the local food system.  Volunteers work together to assemble boxes of produce for anyone in the community to purchase. The Good Food Boxes cost a fraction of what would typically be charged at a retail food store. The purpose is to increase the availability local healthy produce to everyone in the community at an affordable price. The Good Food Box program will facilitate the purchase produce directly from suppliers and local producers. Also, because it’s primarily run by volunteers, there are very little overhead costs, and the savings are passed onto the customer! The Good Food Box is a wonderful way for volunteers, community organizations, businesses and others to build community, increase social connections, and contribute to a more participative food system!

What type of partnership opportunities are there?

SPACE  *HIGH PRIORITY*: The COFPC would like to partner with a community agency or business that has space for the the assembly of the Good Food Boxes. The ideal venue would:

  • Have A Large Room For Produce Box Assembly. At Least 2000 Sq.Ft. Is Ideal
  • Access To A Walk-In Cooler To Temporarily Store Produce Such As Lettuce That Wilts Quickly In Room Temperatures
  • Be Accessible For Delivery Trucks To Deliver Produce (Double Access Door Would Be Ideal)
  • Kitchen Space For Prepping Produce For Boxing (Some Produce May Require A Small Amount Of Cutting)
  • Storage Space To House Good Food Box Equipment When Not In Use (Approx 200 Sq.Ft.)
  • If Possible, Free To Use Or Very Low Cost To Rent Per Day (An Organization’s Contribution/Sponsorship Will Be Recognized!)


Many Good Food Boxes are assembled in community centres, halls, churches, or other venues. Frequency of space use will depend on frequency of box assembly. Good Food Box programs typically run at least once per month and require space for 1-2 days each time boxes are assembled. The COFPC would like to explore a weekly box, but is willing to negotiate with any interested agency if less time per month is more appropriate for your space. If you think your organization may be interested in providing a space for box assembly, please contact us!

For more information on how you can become involved the Good Food Box please click here:

Central Okanagan Good Food Box Pilot Project information